Basement Remodel

This past spring, Adam and I decided that we were ready for another home improvement project.  Next up was finishing the basement.  It was the one area of our house that we really hadn't touched since moving in.  It was mostly due to the fact that it was such a big project and up until the kids came around, we didn't really need the extra room.  However, it was time!

So, this past summer, we started by having the old insulation pulled out and new foam insulation installed.  It was a super messy job but was totally worth it in the end.  Here are some before pictures of the mess that was our basement:

And here are the after picture when they added the spray foam insulation.  Doesn't look like too much but it made all the difference.  The musty smell was instantly gone as was the bright pink insulation that was an eyesore.

The next step in our remodel was to get the floor done.  We were 'lucky' enough to have some old tile laid in certain areas of the basement but not in others.  That coupled with a nice big swath of spilled, dried glue made us cringing every time we thought of fixing it.  We were lucky enough to find a crew that came out, sanded the entire floor so rid it of all the gross stuff, and resealed the floor using a clear epoxy.  The change was quite dramatic!



Most people who came down thought it was still wet and didn't want to walk on it.  We loved it and it gave the basement a unique but functional floor.  Finally, we needed to make some walls, divide the space and create a big rec room for the kids to play in!

Adam and his Dad worked every week (and sometimes during the week) to get the basement finished just as we wanted it.  The boys even liked to help!

And finally, we had a painter come in and paint everything one color so as to hide the imperfections.  The result was perfect!

Doesn't even look like the same space!  The boys are so thrilled to be able to go somewhere and play and not have to clean up like they do in other rooms of the house!  This is going to also come in handy now that the cold weather is about to set in.  One more place to run, jump and play!